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Alcohol, when used responsibly, is a wonderful substance. It lightens the mood and brings us together. It dulls the sharp edges of a bad day. 

Yet, there is so much pleasure to be had from alcohol beyond the substance itself. The ritual of the cocktail is a profound mark of civilization and is most pleasurable itself. The barware, the stemware and the social aspects add to the experience in their own ways. 

Like many, I (Joe) bartended when I was in school. It is an ancient and noble profession with much to be said to its credit. As I recall, one thing that cannot be added to its credit is the sensation that everybody around you is having a good time, but you are having to work. 

The home bartender avoids this dilemma, and has the pleasure of bartending, along with the pleasure of imbibing. As with cooking, with bartending, you do not have to be an all-around genius and master of every aspect to succeed. 

Basically, you need to know how to make a few good drinks. 

We were drawn into this by circumstance. We live in a very rural area, boasting one stoplight in over 500 square miles. 

We began to entertain at home, since driving 75 miles for a nice restaurant and evening was not always practical. One friend would come up with interesting dishes to eat, and we would come up with a signature cocktail for the evening. 

Over time, we liked some cocktails more than others. Some became perennial favorites. Apart from the fun of it, and the friends you can make, there are also some economic advantages to making cocktails at home from time to time. 

What we seek to do here is share some of our favorites, and spread the word. 

A gentleman I know, who is now into his 80s, once told me that when he was growing up, no one ever came to his parent’s home around 5 o’clock and were not offered some sort of cocktail. It was simple courtesy. This is one tradition of yore we would like to revive.

Our Favorites

Hard Day cocktail

Dutch Brothers Kicker

cold day cocktail

Shark Tank

Crowd pleaser cockatil

Grace & Lace

Hot Day Cocktail


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