Blood Orange Bourbon Cocktail

Looking for an easy, yet unique winter cocktail? This Blood Orange Bourbon Cocktail makes the most of the winter blood orange season in a variation of one of the best ever cold weather cocktails!

Winter and blood orange season is the perfect time to enjoy all kinds of delicious blood orange cocktails – this bourbon with blood orange cocktail is one of my favorites!

Bourbon and ginger ale is a relatively common winter drink, at least in our part of the world. Actually, as a young girl I remember it being the drink of choice of both my grandfathers year around. So, I once considered bourbon and ginger ale to be a man’s drink- and an old mans drink at that. 

So that first winter, when my husband started making and drinking bourbon and ginger ale I was surprised at just how much I like it too! It just hits right on a cold winter day, especially when sitting by the fire!

When it comes to bourbon and ginger ale you can rarely go wrong by adding some citrus to the mix!

After buying a big bag of blood oranges from the grocery store last week my husband created this amazing Blood Orange Bourbon.

How to make a Blood Orange Bourbon Cocktail


Blood Orange – You’ll want a nice thick slice of blood orange for this cocktail. If you are out of blood oranges try this Bitter Orange Bourbon Cocktail instead.

Bourbon– You’ll need a jigger of bourbon – but don’t be afraid to pour a double if your day calls for it!

Stick to your favorite bourbon for this recipe. We all have our preferences! 

You can also switch it out for your favorite whiskey. 

Cointreau – Use a jigger of cointreau in your blood orange bourbon cocktail. (Personally, when I pour a double of bourbon, I don’t double the cointreau for this cocktail). Use any brand of orange flavored liquor that you prefer. We’ve switched out cointreau out for a less expensive brand without any noticeable change in flavor.

Orange Bitters – Splash in two or three dashes of orange bitters to elevate that citrus taste!

Ginger Ale – top your cocktail with your favorite ginger ale.


Cut a thick slice of blood orange and mull it in the bottom of a rocks glass.

Pour in the bourbon, cointreau, and orange bitters.


Fill the glass with ice.

Top your cocktail with ginger ale.


Blood Orange Bourbon

Blood Orange Bourbon

Blood oranges add a bright citrusy flavor to this twist on a traditional bourbon and ginger ale.


  • Blood Orange
  • 1.5oz bourbon
  • 1.5 ounce cointreau
  • Orange bitters
  • Ginger ale


    1. Cut a thick slice of blood orange and mull it in the bottom of a rocks glass.
    2. Pour in the bourbon, cointreau, and orange bitters.
    3. Stir.
    4. Fill the glass with ice.
    5. Top your cocktail with ginger ale.

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