Blood Orange Vodka Soda

Vodka sodas can get boring. Elevate your winter vodka soda with blood orange for a bright citrusy cocktail!

Blood Orange Vodka Soda is a crisp, sparkling cocktail, perfect for sipping any time!

When it comes to winter cocktails, we love buying a large bag of blood oranges and enjoying many different types of blood orange cocktails!

Wouldn’t this blood orange vodka soda make the perfect Valentine’s Day cocktail?

Do I need Blood Orange Vodka?

While you can buy a blood orange flavored vodka, we prefer using fresh blood orange juice and regular vodka in our cocktails.

Blood Orange flavored vodka won’t give you the beautiful color in your cocktail that real, fresh squeezed blood orange juice provides.

In our opinion, there is often a hint of fake favor that can be tasted when using artificially flavored vodkas. It’s best to stick to using real fresh ingredients when possible rather than relying on artificially flavored alcohol.

Plus, sticking to a standard vodka means you don’t have to find the space for a large liquor cabinet filled with flavored alcohol. No wasted space, and no wasted $$$ either!

How to Make a Blood Orange Vodka Soda


Vodka– Of course, the base alcohol of this cocktail is vodka. 

Cointreau– A traditional vodka soda has only one alcohol- vodka. However, for this cocktail, the cointreau is a wonderful addition. But, it won’t hurt to leave it out if you prefer.

Blood Orange– You’ll need the juice of one blood orange for this cocktail. It’s also fun to use a slice or two of blood orange for garnish to make the cocktail pretty.

Lime– Like a traditional vodka soda, you’ll want a little lime juice in your cocktail. For this recipe you’ll need the juice of half a lime.

Soda Water– You can use traditional club soda for this vodka soda recipe, or simply use your favorite sparkling water brand. I personally use whatever sparkling water I happen to have on hand for this Blood Orange Vodka Soda cocktail.

*A traditional vodka soda isn’t sweet, but you can add a little simple syrup or agave syrup is you prefer a little sweetness in your cocktails.


Juice the blood orange and half a lime.

Pour the fresh juice into a glass of your choice. A high ball glass is the traditional choice for vodka sodas, but we believe in using what makes you happy!

Add one jigger of vodka to the juice.

Also add half a jigger of cointreau. (But skip it if you prefer a more traditional vodka soda)

Stir the drink well. Then fill the glass off with ice.

Pour club soda or your favorite sparkling water on top of the ice to fill the glass.

Stir gently, garnish with a slice of blood orange, and enjoy!

Blood Orange Vodka Soda

Blood Orange Vodka Soda

Blood Orange Vodka Soda is a crisp, sparkling cocktail, perfect for sipping any time!


  • 2oz blood orange juice
  • 1 1/2 oz vodka
  • 3/4 oz cointreau
  • 1/2 oz fresh lime juice
  • Soda Water


    1. Juice your blood orange and lime half.
    2. Pour the juice into the cocktail glass of your choice.
    3. Add a jigger of vodka and half a jigger of cointreau.
    4. Stir well
    5. Fill the glass with ice.
    6. Top with club soda, or the sparkling water of your choice.

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